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/* List.h */

/* Parameter to DoList. */
#define kListLongMode               "-l"
#define kListShortMode              "-CF"
#define kListDirNamesOnlyMode "-d"
#define kListNoFlags                NULL

/* Equates for ListCmd, to keep track whether we're paging the
 * output or dumping it to the screen.
#define kNoPaging       0
#define kPageMode       1

#ifndef _xfer_h_
#include "Xfer.h"

/* List.c */
int ListReceiveProc(XferSpecPtr);
int ListToMemoryReceiveProc(XferSpecPtr);
void ListToMemory(LineListPtr, char *, char *, char *);
int FileListReceiveProc(XferSpecPtr);
void GetFileList(LineListPtr, char *);
int DoList(int, char **, char *);
int ListCmd(int, char **);
int LocalListCmd(int, char **);
int RedirCmd(int, char **);

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